Skechers USA Headquarters

Skechers USA Headquarters

Skechers USA Headquarters is a 52,000-square-foot office building located in Manhattan Beach. The project features a visitor’s showroom, office spaces, conference areas, exposed architectural concrete elements, and a curtain wall façade. Over 300 parking spaces are provided on both subterranean and at-grade levels.


Morley Construction Company provided concrete subcontracting services for the 175,300-square-foot project, totaling 10,300 cubic yards. The project required extensive planning and coordination for pouring concrete and materials staging. Architectural concrete features include painted concrete and an exterior skin coat.


Project Details:

  • 175,300 gsf
  • 10,300 cy of concrete


Skechers USA

General Contractor:

Morley Construction Company


David Forbes Hibbert

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