Small companies aspire to it, some companies pay lip service to it, enduring companies build it into their very foundations.

You see it in our projects. But you also see it in our people, the employee-owners of Morley. And you see it in the relationships we’ve built with the area’s leading general contractors. You see it in our infrastructure, which includes a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly equipment and maintenance yard. Quality isn’t just a buzzword here at Morley. It’s an ethic. It’s what we believe in. More care. More attention. More drive. More of a personal sense of what’s at stake. And more concrete proof that a commitment to total quality shines brighter here at Morley.

In addition to populating our ranks with highly-skilled individuals, quality is achieved by using the latest technology including Total Station layout, three-dimensional modeling, scheduling software and F-Meters. We also maintain an in-house training program and require staff members and craftsmen to be certified as ACI Concrete Flatwork Finishers and Finisher Technicians. Our quality control focuses on craftsmanship, client service, and the education within the construction profession. From professionals and craftsmen with decades of experience to multiple layers of coordination and inspection by our superintendents, managers and engineers, our work is performed with a focus on quality control to ensure the finest finished product.

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