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Where others pour concrete, we pour heart and soul.

Morley Construction Company (License No. 166461) is proud to serve as Southern California’s premier provider of structural & architectural concrete services, including seismic retrofits and renovations. As one of the last remaining true self-performing contractors, we put our 75 years of hands-on construction experience to work industry-wide, both on behalf of our own clients as well as in service of our general contractors, an ever-growing list that now includes almost every leading firm working in California. As a subsidiary of Morley Builders, we are uniquely well-positioned for your large-scale and complex projects, but remain equally at home with buildings that may be smaller in scale but significant in importance.

General contractors, architects, and construction professionals who desire comprehensive estimating, experienced pre-construction services, and uncompromised concrete quality choose Morley. Whether we’re serving other builders or our own direct clients, we know your choice in concrete subcontractors exerts a disproportionate impact on project timelines, project budget, and overall project quality. When selected to serve in this integral role, we pay back this great demonstration of trust with all-in support and all-out daily performance rarely seen in today’s business landscape. Earning the trust of other California general contractors wasn’t easy, but courtesy of our in-house craftspeople and managers who know what it means to serve, the company has done exactly that. To daily demonstrate our commitment to your success, we share our hard-won experience openly. Our knowledge of not only structural and architectural concrete but of all the related and intersecting trades brings an extra dimension to our service on a project that few concrete subcontractors could ever match.

Trust your concrete projects to the one company where craftsmanship and concrete know-how are always a part of the mix.

Our collaborative style of working, both inside and outside of our organization, has enabled us to provide clients with quality, cost-effective solutions for their benefit and, of course, to the benefit of tenants, customers, other users, and the communities in which we build.  Morley directly employs skilled union crafts including carpenters, laborers, cement finishers, and operating engineers to form, place, and finish concrete. Employing our own workforce along with our highly educated and experienced managerial staff ensures our clients have access to the most talented people and up-to-date resources. Forming, placing, and finishing with our own skilled crews of craftspeople gives us tremendous control over daily construction activities, schedule, and costs for the entire project duration. We provide access to the full range of experience and resources Morley has acquired over the decades, including our extensive inventory of concrete equipment and its in-house concrete specialists. Our exemplary track record of service to clients, contractors, and engineers speaks to the added value we’ve brought to each and every one of their projects, many of which stand as icons on the architectural landscape and triumphs of concrete innovation.

Operating from offices located in Santa Monica and San Diego, the company owns cranes, forklifts, truck pumps, placing booms, and forming and finishing equipment which are distributed from and serviced by Morley’s employees in our modern, eco-friendly equipment yard custom-built by Morley professionals.

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