The Bluffs at Playa Vista Parking Structures

The Bluffs at Playa Vista Parking Structures

Located adjacent to the former Howard Hughes Spruce Goose site in Playa Vista, this expansive two-phase commercial development (Parcel A and Parcel B) includes a one-level subterranean parking structure for 565 cars and two freestanding cast-in-place post-tensioned concrete parking structures for 885 and 1,313 cars.


Morley Construction Company provided concrete subcontracting services for the project, utilizing 73,000 cubic yards of ready-mixed concrete to construct Parcel A’s two concrete-framed office buildings, subterranean parking structure with podium deck, and five-story parking structure, as well as Parcel B’s six-story parking structure and concrete fill on metal deck for two steel-framed office buildings. The parking structures include a gym and restaurant space with a commercial kitchen. The sheer volume of ready-mixed concrete on Parcel A made it the product that most contributed to achieving the LEED MR Credit 5 for Parcel A, and it trailed just behind structural steel in achieving the LEED MR Credit 5 for Parcel B.



Project Details:

  • 919,665 gsf
  • 73,000 cy of concrete (All Phase Total)


Lincoln Property Company

General Contractor:

Morley Construction Company


HKS Architects

LEED Rating:


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