Rockwell Building 80

Rockwell Building 80

Rockwell International Corporation required uninterrupted operational capability at its corporate headquarters even if a magnitude 7.0 earthquake should occur on the Newport-Inglewood Fault, passing less than a mile from the building. The solution was dynamic base isolation of the building, which was completed while the building was fully occupied and had round-the-clock system operation.


Morley added 28 drilled caissons to the foundation and upgraded the exterior reinforced concrete ductile moment-resisting frame to this occupied and operational eight-story building. Approximately 55 structural concrete columns were jacked to permit the load transfer to the a isolation system, which features 52 lead rubber bearing exterior isolators and 26 interior rubber bearing isolators, providing Rockwell a building with a maximum differential of 14″ in any direction.

Project Details:

Seismic retrofit of an 8-story office building


Rockwell International Corporation


Robert Englekirk, Consulting Engineers


  • Award of Merit, American Society of Civil Engineers
  • NOVA Award, Construction Innovation Forum

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