Palomar Medical Center West Central Plant

Palomar Medical Center West Central Plant

The Central Plant is a 36,000 sf OSHPD project located in the northeast corner of the campus, built to support the utilities in the Palomar Medical Center. Over 20,000 sf of adjacent enclosed mechanical yard houses electrical utilities, cooling towers, and medical gas and chemical storage tanks. A separate 9,000 sf equipment yard houses emergency generators tied to underground fuel and brine storage tanks.


The plant required a total of 600 lineal feet of 33’ tall segmented exterior cast-in-place walls. Within the structure, 300 lineal feet of isolated moment-frame beams are suspended 18 feet above the slab-on-grade. The scope of work also included drilling and placing 75 caissons to support the ancillary areas outside the main structure such as the San Diego Gas & Electric cooling tower and generator yards.

Project Details:

  • 36,000 gsf
  • 7,500 cy of concrete


Palomar Medical Center West


CO Architects

LEED Rating:


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