Big Blue Bus Facility Expansion

Big Blue Bus Facility Expansion

This design-build expansion of the existing City of Santa Monica Municipal Bus Maintenance Facility includes a 65,000 sf maintenance building, a 250,000 sf bus parking lot, all new site utilities, landscaping and a glass art wall one city block in length. The project was divided into three phases so that the facility could remain operational during construction.


The new maintenance building is a welcome addition to the Big Blue Bus facility featuring specialty repair bays and vehicle lifts for both standard and articulating buses and includes equipment for complete service. This has allowed the facilities to grow with the City and add more buses to the existing fleet including new hybrids and articulated buses.


Big Blue Bus operations required a concrete floor that was able to withstand oil and other lubricant spills, as well as the occasional mechanical part falling without damage. To mitigate these challenges, Morley utilized a light-colored dry shake cementitious material as well as a combination of hardeners and oil-resistant sealers applied both during and after the placement process. The result was a 55,000 sf service area concrete floor with a uniform light color and a hardness in excess of 10,000 psi.

Project Details:

65,000 gsf


City of Santa Monica



LEED Rating:



Project of the Year, American Public Works Association

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