Montebello Equipment Yard

Montebello Equipment Yard

Home to nearly 20 permanent and visiting Morley employees, the 25,168-square-foot tilt-up facility has two levels with a 5,000-square-foot exterior canopy and service bays to perform repair and maintenance functions on company equipment ranging from utility vehicles to concrete pumps. The building is LEED Silver equivalent and features a 50.77kW CEC-AC roof-mounted photovoltaic panel system, a Sarnafil single-ply PVC membrane roof system; a drywell for storm run-off; white concrete site work; FlogardĀ® LoPro fossil filters for roof and site drainage; native, drip-irrigated plant material; exterior and interior lighting controls; 13 vented and eight non-vented skylights; flash water heaters; and no VOC paints and coatings.


Morley Construction Company provided concrete subcontracting services for the project, totaling 25,138 cubic yards.


Project Details:

  • 25,168 gsf
  • 25,138 cy of concrete


Morley Builders


Hill Pinckert Architects

General Contractor:

Benchmark Contractors, Inc.

LEED Rating:

Silver Equivalent

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